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Impervious to flaming curve balls and left handed monkey wrenches, Sandra Moy brings the most incorrigible productions to their knees.

She stares down the gun barrel of production, spits out her toothpick and stops its bullets with her teeth.

Coupled with her super human production abilities, her spidey-like senses allow her to psychically tune in to the subtleties of production & advertising that are audible only to dolphins and as a result she black belts in the delicate art of knowing when to push and and when to pull.

Wax on, Wax off.

But like all super producers, she has her weaknesses.

She still breaks out in a cold sweat while parallel parking.

When not fighting production crime, she relaxes by trolling the innernets for the latest undiscovered cat memes.

And lastly.....

She's the only producer with a time machine*.

*mileage and OT not included

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